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Oil market landscape better, biodiesel production increased
In Soybean (3326, 28, 0.85% decline in output from the expected long-term support, weather factors sometimes improved sometimes worsening agitation, and crude oil prices all the way triumph to bio fuel unlimited room for imagination with the boost, oil market, call a person how to ignore it.A disk, the oil market that follow sb.'s lead CBOTMalaysia palm oil exports strong, leading the May day, become the leader of the stage. In June, the oil market suffered a rose early wave of larger callback, then you Changba, our debut, CBOT soybean lines trend will become leading oil market trends leading.Into the summer, the CBOT's favorite subject is the weather, drought to fund long feel an upsurge of emotion, massive attack, but a heavy rain coming, its enthusiasm was also doused, to go in a hurry, so we can see weather in investment, the impact of mood, the weather also contributed to the volatility of the market. But that's why the market is more attractive.. But this is only part of the story..Two, the oil market trend of the dream theater oil marketThrobbing crude oil prices in the origin of the strike, OPEC production under the theme, and oil consumption season, production and inventory reduction, supporting international crude oil prices rise to $75 / barrel high, 80 in sight, 90 can be period, crude oil in the commodity market's sparkling performance also bring biofuel development the infinite imagination space.In 2008 the 27 countries of the EU biodiesel production will be from 810 million tons in 2007 is expected to increase to 12.4 million tons, in contrast, 2006 was 5.2 million tons. And capacity, production is behind the strong demand for support. The amount of biodiesel is expected in 2008 compared to 11500000 tons, in 2007, is estimated to be 6900000 tons, 5400000 tons in 2006. In 2010 27 the domestic energy is estimated to be 30400000 tons, 24700000 tons in 2008, in 2007 14700000 tons, 8700000 tons in 2006. More know company estimates that by 2030, global ethanol and other biofuels production will grow substantially, more than 100 billion gallons, prediction of biofuel production scale will account for 15% of the global automotive fuel demand.As bio fuel additives, whether it is most similar in molecular structure and diesel oil, and palm oil, soybean oil, once the introduction of the concept of industrial theme, then grease the overall market development space in the future will be more broad.Three, domestic oil market rationalWith the ups and downs of the foreign market, the market performance of the domestic market is relatively rational deduction. This is because the domestic oil is now in the summer off-season oil demand, reflected in oil imports in June than last month, a larger decline. Therefore, even if the outside fluctuation is more severe, and the follow the trend, but still relatively small fluctuations in the amplitude. And in the production and oil refinery is subject to soybean meal demand not flourishing, in soybean oil prices go strong and low demand for soybean meal market characteristics, oil refinery is difficult to obtain a stable profit model, and the strong oil and meal weak situation, once formed, will remain for a period of time. In addition, the current domestic soybean imports to Hong Kong costs paid has widespread in more than 3400 yuan. This was exacerbated by the cost burden of oil refinery, the oil refinery profit margins continue to shrink, oil refinery to keep oil in high intense desire.Especially rapeseed oil, rapeseed production makes the acquisition costs rose, vegetable oil prices remain high, even now demand not flourishing, four levels of rapeseed oil and a soybean oil prices upside down, and the effect of soybean oil and palm oil on the doped against such factors as an alternative, the factory price sale of the wishes of the pin is not strong, and the market price trend view optimistic, so try to wait for demand to start.By the, although domestic oil weak in the outer disk, constrained by the fundamentals, but under the background of global to the upside, and fall into the following needs to start pulling the market to the firm expected under the influence, the market will appear exalted concussion pattern, then the city will have a more brilliant performance.In the agricultural product market optimistic expectations of long-term bullish in the oil market, the scenery is better.
Development of deep processing in Maize
1, starch application diversity, leading to the development of domestic corn deep processing industryIn recent years, rapid development of China's corn starch industry, diversity is mainly due to the application of starch. The use of starch production of starch sugar sweetening agent, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, inosinic acid, glucose, vitamin C, vitamin E and other drugs used penicillin and antibiotics. China's corn starch production was 9000000 tons in 2005, the consumption of corn 14000000 tons, ranking second in the world.But the per capita consumption of starch is only 7.2 kilograms, only American per capita consumption of starch 8%, 32% of the European union. Is expected in 2006 China's annual output of about 10500000 tons of corn starch, corn consumption of 16000000 tons, an increase of more than 16%. The modified starch and starch sugar is the fastest development in recent years, the starch deep processing industry, mainly reflected in starch sugar production in China from 2000 to 67 million tons, has been developed to more than 450 million tons in 2005, the growth of 6.7 times. According to the Ministry of agriculture is expected to yield starch sugar.2006 years will be more than 5200000 tons, an increase of up to 15.5%.Therefore, domestic corn starch processing industry will maintain a high growth trend.2, alcohol and fuel ethanol demand increase, and further lead the corn deep processing industrySince 2005, with China's fuel ethanol project high profit driven, ethanol processing project enterprises have launched, processing capacity continues to increase. In 2005, China's processing of alcohol (including fuel ethanol) 2900000 tons, consumption of 8900000 tons of corn, corn industry accounted for 44.5% of consumption. National fixed-point fuel ethanol manufacturers for COFCO biochemical (Zhaodong) division (may Heilongjiang Huarun), Henan Tianguan, Jilin fuel ethanol, Anhui BBCA. 2005, a total of 1020000 tons of fuel ethanol. By the end of 1340000 capacity has reached 2006 tons. At present, per ton of fuel ethanol directional purchase price close to 5000 yuan, the state financial subsidies to 1373 yuan per ton. In accordance with the 3.3 tons of corn to produce 1 ton of ethanol, a ton of corn price 1400 yuan, after deducting the fuel, environmental protection facilities and other expenses, the remaining 5% of the profits.Up to now, additives for fuel ethanol pilot has been expanded to 27 cities of 5 provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Henan, Anhui and Hubei, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu Province.In the local area of fuel ethanol enterprises with the starch enterprises price competition will continue to push the cost of acquisition of corn. In April this year, 150000 tons of alcohol Huarun three projects with the support of local government officially started construction. In mid 2007 formally put into production, the resources of the annual processing capacity of corn will reach 120 million tons, which happens to be where the Zhaodong City, all of the corn yield.According to industry experts, sweet potato, cassava, sweet sorghum, corn per ton of fuel ethanol consumption were 8, 7, 15, about 3.3 tons, per ton of fuel ethanol production cost to sweet sorghum is the lowest, at around 2000 yuan, corn second at about 3700 yuan, cassava and sweet potato highest in 4000 - 4500 yuan between. With corn as raw materials in ethanol production also can be isolated from germ, fiber, protein, and ultimately produce a protein powder, feed and corn oil, these by-products can offset cost 700 - 800 yuan per ton of fuel ethanol.It is reported that the relevant departments of the state has been completed the formulation of "bio fuel ethanol and ethanol gasoline" Eleventh Five Year "development special planning". Some experts said, "Eleventh Five Year" period, the scope of the pilot will be expanded to except Tibet and other western provinces to 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, period, will also in Shandong, Hubei, Hebei, Jiangsu Province, the newly approved a pilot enterprises. Except now 102 million tons indicators, will add 420 million tons of non food crops such as cassava, sweet sorghum and straw as a feedstock for ethanol processing project. Basic on 4 acres out the standard of 1 ton of ethanol fixed in accordance with the, in the domestic about 16.5 million mu of cassava, sweet potato, sweet sorghum cultivation base construction.3, corn main origin Jilin, Heilongjiang deep processing situationIn 2005, Heilongjiang and Jilin Province, the actual processing volume of 13000000 tons in two. Expected in 2006, two province, the amount of processing has a large growth. The large corn deep processing project in Jilin Province, corn consumption has reached 8500000 tons, representing a growth of more than 2000000 tons.According to incomplete statistics, at present Jilin and Heilongjiang has more than 10 years of corn processing capacity of more than 300000 tons of production enterprises. 70 million tons of COFCO biochemical (Zhaodong) division (formerly Zhaodong resources), oak Longfeng 100 million tons, Zhaodong into Fu group 30 million tons, Mingshui green 30 million tons, Jixian Feng Rui 45 million tons, Jilin Province Changchun Dacheng company 240 million tons production capacity (Changchun 60 million tons of starch, Yaojia a period of 120 million tons of starch sugar, Jinzhou 60 million tons of starch), Gongzhuling Huanglong company 60 million tons, Songyuan Cerestar 30 million tons, Huarun biochemical 30 million tons, 55 million tons of Ji'an biochemical alcohol, Jilin fuel ethanol 1.6 million tons.Heilongjiang Provincial Agriculture Commission, according to statistics, at present, Heilongjiang Province has been built all kinds of corn processing enterprises in 1326, 1417 million tons of corn processing capacity, the actual processing volume in more than 650 million tons, which at or above the provincial level to corn processing enterprises have 12, the processing capacity of 258 million tons.COFCO has in Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other places to build have production of corn starch sugar, lactic acid / PLA, ethylene glycol and MSG eight factory, are all put into operation, the annual corn processing capacity of up to more than 500 million tons / year.